SAR: Adding classes

Jul 26, 2021

Normally your classes will be identified automatically when the class data is imported from your Student Management System. However sometimes you may need to add these manually. In the above screen shot I have a single class “10E” listed, however I need to add an additional class. Click on “List classes” in the menu on […]

SAR: Upgrading to version 3

Mar 2, 2021

We have applied our new style to the Student Attendance application. If you are still running version 2.3 then an upgrade option will appear for your SOBS Administrators when they login. About the upgrade We have applied the new look style to the application, so the look will be completely different, however all of the […]

SAR: Getting started with Student Attendance

Mar 1, 2021

There are two ways of using the Student Attendance Register.  You can use it to mark rolls and process absence notifications, or you can import absence information and process the notifications.  Either use requires some information to be loaded, essentially student and parent information, optionally class information. Student, Parent and Class information You should import […]