Subscription Processing

Jan 23, 2018

Step 1 – your renewal invoice

If you are currently on a subscription then you will have full uninterrupted access to the application through to midnight on your expiry date – you see the expiry date when you view your subscription information.

Four weeks (28 days) prior to your expiry we will generate an invoice and email this to the address identified in the ‘Invoice email’ field on your School Settings page.

The very next day (27 days prior to your expiry) we will generate an automatic email to this same email address indicating that we generated and sent you an invoice the previous day, just in case you didn’t receive it. Sometimes these emails get caught in the spam filters and end up in the ‘Spam’ or ‘Junk’ folders in your email.

You now have 27 days in which to make payment.

Step 2 – making your payment

There are two main ways to pay your invoice.

  1. You can pay online using a credit card, you will find the details at the bottom of the invoice.
  2. You can pay by electronic funds transfer to our bank account – please include your CRN number or your Invoice number on the payment reference.

When we receive your payment we will process the subscription renewal for a further 12 months and receipt the money in our accounting system.

Step 3 – if you need to renew but your payment is still being processed

In some instances there is the need to renew the subscription prior to payment arriving.  In this case we are happy to renew your subscription as long as we know that the invoice is being processed and payment will be made within a reasonable time.

Step 4 – the first two weeks of your expired subscription

The Sobs administrator / primary contact will receive an email indicating the application has expired on the first day, the fourth day and the seventh day.  The Sobs administrator / primary contact is identified on the ‘School Settings’ page.  You can update this person as required.

When any Sobs administrator logs into any Sobs application you will receive a warning message indicating your subscription has expired.

Step 5 – weeks 3 and 4 of your expired subscription

All staff logging into the expired Sobs application will receive a warning message indicating the subscription has expired.

Step 6 – after 4 weeks of expiration

You will no longer be able to access your Sobs application.

If the Sobs administrator attempts to login they will be offered an option of re-purchasing the subscription.  The subscription will apply from the original expiry, so there is no benefit to letting the subscription expire.

Your data will not be deleted

If your subscription does expire we generally retain the information you or your school have loaded into the system, unless you are in breach of the contract for some reason, for example attempting to use the system for some other purpose that we consider illegal or immoral.

After an appropriate amount of time (approximately two years) we will selectively archive schools that have not used the application during that time.

Normal termination of your subscription

You can go to the ‘School Settings’ page and the appropriate application tab, here you will find an option to cancel your subscription.  The application will continue to function through to your expiry date, however you will not receive any renewal invoice or reminder emails and calls.  The system will essentially expire quietly.

If you have already received an invoice please do let us know so that we can cancel the invoice.