PT: Volunteer bookings

Jan 23, 2018

From the very beginning we have been keen to utilise the Parent/Teacher interview booking system for so much more than just booking interviews with teachers.  Over the years we have added booking with pre-selected staff for career counselling and enrolment interviews.  We also added event management to help with booking seats for school performances.  We now have volunteer bookings to help manage parents volunteering at school events.

How does it differ

The main difference with volunteer booking is that the parent does not need to enter any child details.

The secondary difference is the replacement of teachers with volunteer roles.  For example, the school fair may require parents to help with the cafe or the jumping castle – you can configure these roles within the interview round while also specifying the number of parents required in each time slot.


When creating the interview round select “Volunteer booking” from the list of booking methods.  You will also specify the access dates and times for parents to book.

Once the round is created you can create time slots.  These would typically relate to the minimum time a volunteer would commit to.  Volunteers can of course select more than one time slot.

You will also be required to define roles such as:

  • Security
  • Entry gate
  • Cafe
  • Shop
  • Jumping castle
  • Backstage assistance
  • Stage manager
  • BBQ

As you enter each role you will define the maximum number of concurrent volunteers required for the role.   For example the ‘Entry gate’ make require 4 people at the beginning of the day, but after the first hour you may only need 2 people, and then towards the end of the day nobody would be required for this position.

To adjust the different number of positions in each role:


  1. Click the ‘View volunteers’ button
  2. Click on the ‘Roles’ icon in the tool bar and select a role from the list – this will display the volunteer bookings for this specific role.  It will also show the number of positions in each slot.
  3. To adjust the number of positions in a time slot, click on the time slot to display the options.
  4. Click the ‘Reduce the number required’ button to reduce the number required in this slot (you can not reduce below 0)
  5. Click the ‘Increase the number required’ button to increase the number required in this slot (you can not increase beyond the maximum originally specified)

Volunteer booking

The parents can then access the booking system in exactly the same way that they would book parent/teacher interviews.  The same authentication options are available.  Please ensure you provide your parents with the correct URL, preferably by providing the link on your website.  It should look something like: (the 123 will be different for each school).

Parents can of course volunteer in multiple time slots, however they will not be able to create concurrent bookings as they can not be in two places at once.  If both parents are wanting to volunteer then the second parent should register separately.

Emails and Reporting

The reporting options includes those by volunteer, by role and by time.

There is also an option to email each volunteer with their bookings and an optional message.