PT: Using staff locations

Jan 23, 2018

If your interviews are all in the same location then you don’t need to use the location option, however if your interviews are located in different areas around the school then locations will help parents find the teacher they need to meet with quickly and easily.

Loading your interview locations

There are two methods of loading your interview locations:

  1. If you are comfortable using the import/export options, then you can use the ‘export users’ option to unload the user data into a CSV file, open this file using a spreadsheet application, add the interview locations for each teacher to the spreadsheet, then import this data back into Sobs.  The following article explains the format of the user import file, and explains column 10 is the interview location: Importing locations for staff
  2. Alternatively you can use the online ‘Staff’ page to add locations for each staff member.  Ensure you are logged into the ‘Parent/Teacher interview booking’ application.  When viewing the ‘Staff’ page there is a column called ‘Room’ and it has a small edit icon – click the edit icon.  The contents of the Room column will be redisplayed using text boxes where you can add or update the location for each staff member.  The data is saved as soon as your cursor moves out of the text box, so simply type the location into the box and tab or clicking away from the box to save any changes you make.
The locations you enter into these fields should identify where the teacher is conducting their interviews from.  This will normally be a room number.  The room numbers you enter will probably be self explanatory to you and your staff, however parents may have trouble knowing exactly where each room is.  For this reason it can be helpful if you include a map of your school, and therefore the room numbers should be visible on the map to help the parent plan their interview bookings.

Adding a School map

When using locations you can also load a school map to help parents find their way around.  The particular advantage is that parents may be able to make their bookings in such an order that they start in one area of the school and work their way across the campus.

  • Click on ‘School Settings’ and the ‘PT’ tab
  • On this page you will find a button ‘Load school map (image)’ – click this button
  • A field will appear allowing you to upload an image file (this should be a jpeg, png or gif file).
  • Select the image file of your school layout (ensure it includes room numbers that correspond to the locations entered above)
  • Click the ‘Save’ button
  • After the map is uploaded you may need to click on the ‘PT’ tab again – this should show a thumbnail copy of the map and a ‘Replace’ button in case you need to upload a replacement image.

Where the school map is included

The map is included when the parents print out their interview list and also when parents email themselves a list of their interviews.