RB: Restricting access to a resource

Jan 23, 2018

Generally resources are bookable to all staff, however Sobs includes the facility to limit who can see or book a resource.


By default a resource will be viewable and bookable by any staff member.

Restricted access

You can restrict access to a resource.  This will enable only specified staff to book this resource.

  1. In the Resource management area click the ‘Edit’ link to edit the resource details
  2. Place a tick in the ‘Restricted’ check box and click ‘Save’
  3. The resource list will display the link ‘Configure’ in the Restricted column for this resource.  Click the ‘Configure’ link
  4. This will display a list of restrictions for this resource
  5. By default the restriction allows all users (*) to book the resource
  6. Click the ‘Add-rule’ link
  7. Click ‘Allow’ to create an allow rule and select the staff member that is being granted access to this resource
  8. Continue adding ‘Allow’ rules for each staff member
  9. Remove the ‘Allow’ ‘*’ rule – this will remove the ability for all staff to book this resource

If there are a limited number of staff who will have access to the resource then creating a set of ‘Allow’ records is the most efficient setup.  Alternatively if there are a few people who will be restricted from booking a resource then you can leave the generic ‘Allow’ record and configure some additional ‘Deny’ rules to deny those staff members access to this resource.