PT: Selecting teachers by year level

Jan 23, 2018

The teacher selection criteria indicates how the system will select staff when making bookings.  The default and recommended option is to use “Year levels”

Parent perspective

When the parent enters their child’s name into the system they are also prompted to enter a year level.  This simple piece of information helps us limit the number of teachers that are presented for the parent to choose from.

As the parent then selects the option to book interviews in a particular round the application will locate all of the teachers that teach the year level for this child and present them in a list. The parent can then select one or more teachers to interview with.

Application / Teacher perspective

We need to know which year levels each staff member teaches.  When a staff member first logs into the Parent/Teacher application the system will prompt them to select the year levels they teach.  After this time staff can also select the ‘My year levels’ from the Main Menu to adjust these.

The SOBS Administrator can also use the Staff page to update the year levels for each staff member.

If a staff member is checked for every year level then they will appear on every year level list presented to parents.

If a staff member is not checked for any year level, then they will never appear for selection by parents.