PT: Reporting within Parent/Teacher interviews

Jan 23, 2018

You can choose from a couple of preset reports or a simple report wizard.

To access the reports click ‘My interviews’ or ‘Interview Rounds’ in the left hand menu.  The application will show you a list of interview rounds that have been run or scheduled for your school.  In the ‘Options’ column click the ‘Report’ button – this will display a number preset report options followed by a short report wizard.

For advanced reports you can export the booking details to a spreadsheet application and write your own reporting routines.

Preset Reports

  • View by Staff: This report will list all interviews grouped by staff member.  This report is excellent for handing out to staff prior to the interviews commencing, allowing them time to retrieve files and results for the parents they will be seeing.  The report includes the parent name, student name, date and time of the interview.
  • View by Parent: This report lists all interviews grouped by parent.  This report is excellent to have available as parents are arriving at the school, particularly when they have forgotten to bring their list of interviews from home.  The report is sorted by the parent’s name as it was input when making their interviews, therefore it is most likely sorted by the parent’s first-name and then last-name, for example, John Smith would be found under ‘J’. (This will be updated in a future release to separate the name into two fields and sort by the surname).
  • Alternate Interview Requests: This report lists all of the alternate interview requests made by parents during the booking stage.  Typically parents who are unable to find a convenient interview time slot will click a button on the site requesting an alternate time.  The other reason for requesting an alternate time would be for an extended interview.  This report lists the alternate requests by staff member, allowing a responsible staff member to follow up each teacher and ensure the alternate requests have been actioned.

Report Wizard

The report wizard has just a few simple options for generating your report.

  • Staff selection: By default the report wizard will only list bookings for your current username.  You can change this to select all-staff.  Most of the following options relate to the ‘all-staff’ option.
  • Group by: Similar to the preset report options above, the Group by option will group the interviews by Staff member or Parent.  This option is typically only valid when selecting all-staff.
  • Insert page breaks: Use this option to insert a page break between each group.  If grouping by staff then each staff member’s interviews will print on a new page.  Similarly when grouped by parents each parent’s interviews will print on a new page.  Note, the on screen display may appear to show the pages running into each other, however when it prints the page breaks will occur as expected.  If the pages do not break when printing check that you are using the correct printer driver.
  • Include Parent bookings: This is the default option.  It includes records where a parent has made a booking to see a staff member.  You can use this option in any combination with the other ‘Include’ options.
  • Include Unavailable slots: This option will include interview slots where the staff member has indicated they are unavailable.
  • Include Empty slots: This option will include interview time slots that are still available.  This can be useful is you are wanting a paper copy of times when staff have gaps, possibly allowing parents to make last minute changes.

Advanced Reporting

For schools needing advanced reporting options, there is an option to export details in a CSV format.  The export wizard operates almost identically to the report wizard, select staff, group by staff or parents (this simply identifies the order or the information) and then select which records to include.

The format of the export data:

  1. Date and time of the interview slot
  2. Unique staff number
  3. Staff name
  4. Unique student number
  5. Student name
  6. Student year level
  7. Parent name
  8. Parent phone
  9. Parent email