CAL: Instructions for staff

Jan 23, 2018

We have included some generic instructions for staff to use this system.  You are welcome to share these with the staff at your school, or you may choose to use them as notes for training sessions with staff. URL access to the site We strongly recommend that you provide your staff a link to the […]

CAL: A school event list widget

You can configure a short event list for display on your school’s home page.  The idea is appealing to many schools, however with so many different page themes to contend with we needed to implement this with the flexibility to handle anything the school’s web designer would throw at us. For this reason we publish […]

CAL: Configuration overview

The structure of the Sobs Calendar application is somewhat different to many calendaring systems.  While Google and Outlook set up different calendars for different people and groups Sobs uses a single calendar and distinguishes events based on the category selected.  Categories are significant and therefore the first areas that we should consider when setting up […]

Creating the basic calendar

Many of the Sobs applications work better when you configure your school calendar information.  The following should help you setup the calendar for your school. Creating years, terms and holidays Click on the ‘Calendar’ link in the Configuration menu.  This will take you to a page showing the current and any future calendars.  Historical years […]

Connecting your iPhone/iPad to SOBS

A tale of two events:  Recently I bought what will undoubtedly become “my first” iPhone.  The phone function is ordinary but the rest of the applications are excellent.  And so I came to the ‘Calendar’ application and began to wonder whether I could get my Sobs bookings and events to appear on my iPhone. If […]

Connecting Google to your school calendar

The Google Calendar application supports the option of “subscribing to calendars”.  This is true of a number of calendar applications so this article has been written with other calendar applications in mind also. If your calendar application supports CalDAV you should use that option in preference to a ‘subscribed’ calendar.  The subscribed version simply downloads […]

Connecting your Mac OSX iCAL application to SOBS

iCal is the calendar application for Mac OS X.  It is CalDAV enabled and therefore able to incorporate your Sobs information on the calendar display. Configuring iCal access to Sobs First we have to enable Calendar access to your Sobs account (if you have already completed this step for another calendar application then it is […]