How to purchase

Jan 23, 2018

Free Trial (optional)

You have the option of running a free trial of the application to ensure it meets the needs of your school.  The trials are generally only limited by dates, therefore you can trial the full functionality of the application during this time.  We do this because we want you to be confident that you know what you are purchasing when you commit to purchase.

Towards the end of your trial period the site will begin sending you reminders that your access to the site is about to expire.  You may choose to ignore these and simply let the application expire, you can cancel the trial, you may request an extension of your trial period if required, or you may purchase (see below).

Trial period extensions are always granted if you have had insufficient time to complete your trial.  We are able to see how much use your school has made of the application and will determine that your trial period is complete if we consider that your recent usage constitutes the application being used in a production environment.

Your decision to purchase (or to cancel a trial)

If you have a current trial:

Once you have decided and want to go ahead with purchasing, log on to your trial and navigate to the school menu and select the ‘View Subscription’ option.  Here you will find buttons to Purchase the application or to Cancel your trial.

If you have an existing subscription and are purchasing an additional application, we will attempt to synchronise the expiry dates.  This means that when your school receives the Sobs renewal invoice it will include all of the applications on the one invoice.

If you do not have a current trial:

If you visit the SOBS website and navigate to the Pricing page, select the application(s) you are interested in purchasing and then select a purchase option from the cards below.

  • TRIAL: There is no charge for a trial.
  • REGULAR PRICING: This is the suggested retail price that most schools would pay.
  • GROUP PRICING: If you are part of a group purchasing scheme you can click on this box to select your group and receive the discount pricing.
  • FAIR PRICING: If you have justification for an alternate price then you are welcome to suggest a fair price for your school – you will be prompted for the reason this price is fair.

You will be required to enter some details:

  • A valid email address (we will send a verification message to this address)
  • A valid school
  • A valid street address for this school

Purchase Orders

I’m sorry but we do not have a fax machine.

If your school operates with Purchase Orders you can send it via email.  Alternatively you can include the essential details in an email, i.e. the School name, the PO number, the application being ordered and the price being paid.  We will create an invoice using these details.


Pricing for all Sobs applications is included on the website.

  1. Navigate to the URL
  2. Select the application(s) you are interested in – the pricing will be automatically updated after you select each application
  3. We operate a multi-application discount, starting with 5% off for two applications, 10% for three applications, etc, up to a maximum of 60% off.

If have a current trial or subscription you can view the costs page by:

  1. Click on the School menu
  2. Click the ‘View subscription’ menu

Prices are inflation adjusted each year in January/February, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics calculation of the annual CPI increase.


Our preference is for electronic funds transfer, and our bank details are included on the invoice along with other payment options.  If banking details are not included then it is likely we don’t yet have a bank account in your country.  There should be alternative methods of payment listed on your invoice, eg via credit card.