When the print out doesn’t fit on the page

Jan 23, 2018

Sometimes when printing information from Sobs the page is wider than the paper.  There are a few options to consider when dealing with this problem. Why is printing a problem? Sobs is a web application – all of the information we send you is actually sent to your web browser.  You might be using Internet […]

Creating the basic calendar

Many of the Sobs applications work better when you configure your school calendar information.  The following should help you setup the calendar for your school. Creating years, terms and holidays Click on the ‘Calendar’ link in the Configuration menu.  This will take you to a page showing the current and any future calendars.  Historical years […]

Advanced calendar configuration

Continuing on from the article about basic calendars, here we look at customising your calendar and school timetable to suit. Configure Plans to reflect each different Timetable day With the SOBS plans you can configure the normal cycle length for your timetable, do this in the Plan record (in Configuration | Periods).  If you school […]

How to enable Guest access

You can at any time create users manually (or via import) that have a guest level of security.  However Sobs comes with a self-registration process for guests.  This option is disabled by default and must be enabled before it can be used Self registration for guests By default this option is disabled.  It will not […]

Configuring LDAP authentication

Sobs includes an LDAP option that will authenticate the login details against an LDAP server. LDAP Servers Our LDAP option has been tested with OpenLdap, Microsoft’s Active Directory and Novell’s e-Directory. What happens with LDAP? With a binding username and password: You enter in the login screen your regular network login name and password We […]

Local authentication using NTLM

This is definitely not our best kept secret, however you would think so for the lack of schools using it. Every school should be using Local Authentication – it makes access for staff so much easier.  By pass the login screen forever! What is Local Authentication? Local Authentication is authenticating the user within your school […]

How to login to SOBS

It sounds simple but as we get more authentication options the whole login process can be quite complicated.  In this article I’ve tried to show the normal method of logging into Sobs and also the potential problems that can happen. Ensure you are on the correct website Locate the correct website:  For most schools you […]

Single Sign On (SSO) with SAML (version 2)

Single Sign On (or SSO) is a fantastic option if you have the time and energy to implement it.  SSO allows your staff member to log in once and then access all your school based and web based applications without being prompted to login again. Configuration Firstly it is important to understand the configuration process […]

User management

Managing your staff access is quite straightforward.  Firstly you will need to load a staff list and later you will want to refresh your staff list, remove staff and delete all staff. There are a number of ways to load your staff information to the Sobs application.  They are: Adding them manually one at a […]

User security

There are some basic levels of security in Sobs. Sobs Administrator Department Head Application specific option Staff Guest Depending on your level of security determines which menu options are displayed.  Security within the application will restrict staff from accessing these other forms even if they knew the form name and typed it in. Each application […]

HTML Extras

SOBS is a web based / hosted application, however there are times when schools want the option of adding some HTML code into various locations within the application.  This is a localised solution for customising the application to a schools particular needs. We don’t have lots of scope here, so don’t get carried away with […]

How to purchase

Free Trial (optional) You have the option of running a free trial of the application to ensure it meets the needs of your school.  The trials are generally only limited by dates, therefore you can trial the full functionality of the application during this time.  We do this because we want you to be confident […]

Subscription Processing

Step 1 – your renewal invoice If you are currently on a subscription then you will have full uninterrupted access to the application through to midnight on your expiry date – you see the expiry date when you view your subscription information. Four weeks (28 days) prior to your expiry we will generate an invoice […]