SS: Configuring subjects or sports

Jan 23, 2018

The applications comes pre-configured with a number of subjects and co-cirruculars, however you can modify these as required. Building your subject / co-cirrucular choices In the Configuration menu click the “Subjects” link This page allows you to manage all of your subjects and co-cirriculars in one place.  Each subject and co-cirricular is grouped beneath a […]

SS: Student information and access

The application requires an existing student list in order to provide identification and verification.  This is important to ensure students selections are not compromised. Importing student information We design the import process to handle student data in a number of standard formats.  The majority of schools are using a Student Management System, and the majority […]

SS: Creating a round

We use the terminology of “a round” to refer to the process of requesting a selection from students.  This can be a selection of sports or co-cirriculars, or a selection of academic subjects or electives.  It can apply to the entire student body or a particular year level.  The rest of this article explains the […]

SS: Instructions for parents and students

In keeping with some of the other documentation we have provided, below you will find links to a help document for parents and students.  You can download and modify these documents as you wish.  We have included documents in different formats for this purpose. URL access to the site We strongly recommend that you include […]

SS: Linking to an Interview booking

If your school is using both the Subject Selection and Parent/Teacher Interview applications then you might choose to use both applications together, allowing the parent/student to select the subjects and then book an interview to discuss this with one of the course counselling staff at the school. Linking your SS round with a PT round […]