SS: Instructions for parents and students

Jan 23, 2018

In keeping with some of the other documentation we have provided, below you will find links to a help document for parents and students.  You can download and modify these documents as you wish.  We have included documents in different formats for this purpose.

URL access to the site

We strongly recommend that you include the parent/student link for the Subject Selection on your school website.  Ensure this link takes the parent / student directly to the screen where they will begin their verification. You can obtain your link from the ‘School Settings’ page and the ‘Authentication’ tab.   Our experience has been that if you ask them to type in the full URL there will be some who make a mistake, get lost and end up frustrated.

Downloadable PDF documents

Download instructions as would be used by a parent / student: parent-instructions.pdf or parent-instructions.doc or parent-instructions.odt