SS: Configuring subjects or sports

Jan 23, 2018

The applications comes pre-configured with a number of subjects and co-cirruculars, however you can modify these as required.

Building your subject / co-cirrucular choices

In the Configuration menu click the “Subjects” link

This page allows you to manage all of your subjects and co-cirriculars in one place.  Each subject and co-cirricular is grouped beneath a category, so the first step is to ensure you have all of the correct categories.  Go through the current list of categories and modify these as required.  Then add any new categories you will require.

We have grouped the default subjects under generic headings, however if you wish to you can configure categories for different year levels if this is helpful.  The end purpose is to have a category or subject name that your students will recognise or understand.

To edit a category click on the category – it will be highlighted inside a white box.  Then click the ‘Pencil’ icon at the right end of the box, this will allow you to modify the category name.

To add a new category click the ‘Add category’ button at the top right of the page.

To edit an existing subject (you will need to click the category first in order to display the subjects) mouse over the subject and a ‘Pencil’ icon will appear towards the right end of the subject entry – click the ‘Pencil’ icon to edit the subject.

To add a new subject click on the category you want to add the subject to so that it is selected, highlighted by a white box.  An entry form appears to the far right of this line.  Enter the new subject and click the ‘Save’ button.

To delete an existing subjects mouse over the subject and a ‘Cross’ icon will appear towards the right end of the subject entry – click the ‘Cross’ icon to delete this subject entry.

Importing subjects

You can choose to import your subjects using a CSV (comma separated values) format file.  When importing subjects (also grouped by category) in each case we check for the existing category name and subject name, if they do not exist we will automatically add them.  If either the category or the subject do already exist in the system then we will not create duplicates, instead simply skipping this entry and moving on to the next category/subject.

In the Configuration menu click on the ‘Import/Export’ link.

In the ‘Export’ options check the radio button for ‘CSV Subjects’.  This will display more help text in regard to the format for the import file.

Use the file selection button to select your CSV file to import and click the ‘Import data’ button.