Group bookings

Mar 23, 2022

Suppose you want to run some groups, perhaps tutoring, perhaps to play games, for debating, or just for discussions.  We want out groups to have four students each.  Each group is allocated to a random staff member.  How do we do this?

Setting up

  1. Start with an MAI booking round – this allows multiple students to be booked into a single teacher, and also allows siblings to be booked in the same time slots.
  2. Click on the round to display the settings
  3. Click on the first row, “Main settings”, to edit these options.
  4. Scroll down to the option “How are students allocated to staff?”
  5. Here we have two options: Even distribution, or, Fill each group.
    Even distribution will allocate one student to each group before cycling back to allocate a second student to each group, etc, until the groups are all full.
    Fill each group will allocate each successive student to the same group until the first group is full, before moving onto the next group, etc, until all of the groups are full.
    Select your preferred option.
  6. Select the staff members who will be in charge of each group.
    The number of staff selected equates to the number of groups that will be created.
    If you selected “Fill each group” and the booking round is not full subscribed, then some staff may not be allocated a group.
  7. Are students being grouped into similar year levels?  If so we need to tell the application to allocate the staff based on the year levels that have selected (ie that they teach).  So if Mr A teaches Yr7 and Mr B teaches Yr8, then Yr7 students will be allocated to Mr A’s group, and Yr8 students will be allocated to Mr B’s group.
    To configure this we need to tell the application how to allocate staff for each student.
    Click the blue link “Current setting: Staff listed will be allocated randomly”
  8. Select the option you want to enable:
    I have selected the option to select staff by year level, but allocate them randomly still. (I don’t want parents to be selecting these staff).
  9. Configure your access and close off dates
  10. Configure your time slots
  11. Your round is ready for booking