Prompt to release allocated car parking

Jan 10, 2023

The SOBS Car parking application is designed firstly to allocate staff parking on a fair rotation basis.  However, there are times when allocated parks may be released by a staff member if they are not at school, using alternative transport, or on leave.  To support this process we will prompt the staff member with a weekly email to release any parking allocations they don’t require.

Each Monday morning an email is sent to staff

Each Monday morning we will email the staff members that have parks allocated for the week ahead.  The email will include a list of the parks allocated for the week, and also a button that will allow the staff member to release an allocated park.

If the staff member is working a normal week then there is nothing to do – they can ignore the email.  However, if they are aware that they can release one of these allocations then they can click the ‘Release some parks’ button, which will open the following dialog.


When the staff member releases a park the page will be refreshed to display the remaining allocated parks.