Using Data Lists in Permission Slips

Apr 11, 2024

Permission Slips includes the functionality to select from pre-defined lists of options.  Instead of adding all of the options into the Permission Slip, you can reference a pre-defined list, called a ‘Data list’.

Creating a Data list

  1. Log into SOBS Permission Slips
  2. Click on your school name (bottom left) and then on “Data lists”
  3. Click the “Add a data list” button to begin adding your first Data list
  4. The description field should not contain any dates or years, as the list can be updated and used across terms and years.
  5. Use the check box options to determine any additional information that is being used in Data list.
  6. Click ‘Save’ to save the Data list
  7. Your Data list is now ready to be used in your Permission Slip.
  8. The action menu allows for editing, duplicating and deleting lists.  You can edit the list after it has been included in a Permission Slip, changes made to the Data list will appear in the Permission Slip immediately.


Using a Data list in a Permission Slip

  1. Add a Permission Slip as normal. In this example I have used “STUDENT Questions and Answers” as we are only sending this to the student, not the parent.
  2. You can now use the action menu to “Add students” and “Add content”.  We will begin by adding content – click the “Add content” menu option.
  3. The content is presented to the student one page at a time, so consider what information you want to begin with, perhaps an introduction as to What, Why, and How and When.  You may want to consider including some terms and conditions. I’m going to create just a single page, so I’m adding my instructions in the first box, this will introduce what we are doing, and why, along with some basic instructions.This is followed by the type of response we want from the student.  In this case we will present a list of options from our Data list, I want to allow multiple selections, so I am going to use a list of check boxes.  When we select this option we can either type in a list of options, OR, we can use a pre-defined data list – I’m choosing the Data list option.  Lastly there is a pull down selection to choose the Data list I want to use – currently there is only one, but later I will have other lists for Yr8, Yr9 etc.
    The last options for this content determine whether a selection is required, and if this is the final page of the slip.
  4. Use the “Test this content” to see what the page is going to look like to students.

Including students and sending the Permission Slip

  1. From the list of Slips choose the action menu at the right, and select ‘Add students’.  This will display the following form:
  2. You can search for specific students by name, or select a class from the class drop down, or select a year level from the year level drop down.  We are going to select the Yr7 students, so we selected Yr7 from the drop down.
  3. I only have a single Yr7 student, you will likely have many more listed here.  You can select individual students from the list by clicking on their name, however just below the green results box there is an option to “Select all” – use this to select all of the displayed students, and then “Save”
  4. Each student is listed along with their notification method, in my instance I had an email address for Timmy, but you may find some students have a mobile number and will receive an SMS.
  5. Before we send them all you may like to test one of the students, so locate the student and from the action menu select the “Send options…”.  You will see a dialog allowing you to send the URL to an individual student.
  6. When you have confirmed that the Slip is working correctly, you can then navigate to the list of Permission Slips, and using the action menu on the right select “Send to X students” where X is the number of students to send to.