RB: Instructions for staff

Jan 23, 2018

We were recently asked if there were any generic help documents that could be provided to staff.  We thought this was a good idea so we created an article on how to book a room or resource.  If you think this is useful and would like more articles that can be used by staff please let us know what they would be.

URL access to the site

We strongly recommend that you provide your staff a link to the Sobs application.  This will depend on the authentication option you have chosen, however a simple link on your school intranet that takes the staff member directly to the login page (or the application landing page for automatic authentication) may well improve the staff members experience using Sobs.

Downloadable help documents

Download step-by-step instructions that will lead a staff member through booking a room or resource: book-a-resource.pdf or book-a-resource.doc