RB: Booking a resource using hh:mm

Jan 23, 2018

In most instances the school rooms and resources will be booked using the standard timetable periods.  There are however instances when the booking of a resource benefits from using standard time-based schedule, ie booking specific hours or half-hourly slots.

Configuring a time-based booking schedule

Time-based booking schedules can only be configured for categories, they can’t be applied to individual resources.  This is because the resource that would normally be bookable using this time-based schedule is probably grouped with other similar resources that would also use a time-based schedule.  For example is the school had a number of vehicles that were bookable in hourly slots, the vehicles would all be grouped in a category most likely called ‘Vehicles’, and they would all be bookable using the same time-based schedule.

  1. Click on the Resources link in the Configuration menu – this will list the categories
  2. Click the ‘Edit’ link for a category
  3. Use the ‘Time period’ selection box to select an appropriate time-based schedule (the default is the ‘Period structure’ as defined in your school timetable).
  4. Click the ‘Save’ button to save this detail

The resources in this category will now be bookable using this time-based schedule.  By default the system assumes a starting time of 7am and a finish time of 10pm.  These are only defaults and you can easily change them by editing the category record again, this time next to the time-based schedule you will find ‘From’ and ‘To’ values for the time range that will be displayed.

Booking with a time-based schedule

When you make a booking and select a time-based category / resource the standard timetable periods will be replaced by the nominated time-based periods for the defined duration. You can still extend your booking (assuming nobody else has the resource booked) and you can still repeat a booking just as you might for any other resource.

Displaying bookings with a time-based schedule

When you click on ‘My bookings’ you may well have resource bookings for both period-based and time-based resources, in this case the period structure will be displayed (it has preference over the time-based display which is limited to particular categories).  The time-based booking will appear in each period block that the time overlaps with.

However, if you display the bookings for a time-based category (or a resource that is in a time-based category), the periods displayed will be the time-based periods as defined for this category.

The same rules apply when including bookings in a report.

Internal representation

As with normal period bookings, internally we store the actual start date/time and end date/time of the booking in the database.  This means that if you adjust your periods or adjust the time-based schedule while there are existing bookings, these bookings will not be impacted by your change – the original start and end times remain.  This means these bookings may appear to overlap periods and times in the new structure.