RB: How to create a resource in two categories

Jan 23, 2018

Sometimes you may need to make a resource appear in two different categories.  For example, a computer lab may by part of the computer labs category but also a member of a category for rooms with IWBs or Audio/Visual capabilities.


Create the resource as normal in the first category (either).

In the alternative category add a resource group – attach the resource created above to this resource group.


  1. Click ‘Resources’ in the Configuration menu
  2. Click on the first category where you want this resource placed – this could be either category
  3. Click ‘Add-resource’ to add the resource to this category
  4. Complete all of the normal resource settings and click ‘Save’
  5. Click ‘Resources’ in the Configuration menu
  6. Click on the alternative category where you would like this resource listed
  7. Click ‘Add-resource-group’ to configure a virtual resource
  8. Specify the name of this virtual copy (use a slightly different naming convention to indicate this is the virtual entry) and click ‘Save’
  9. Click the ‘Attach’ option for this virtual resource and select the original resource created


This new ‘virtual’ resource will operate like any normal resource.  When the virtual resource is booked a booking is automatically placed on the original resource.  Similarly if the original resource is already booked then the virtual resource will not be available.

You can repeat this process to make a resource appear in multiple categories if required.