RB: Creating a group of resources

Jan 23, 2018

You can create a group of resources, this allows you to book the entire group with a single booking. A good example of this might be a laptop pod where the entire pod can be booked, or individual laptops from the pod can be booked (when the pod is not booked).

Book individual items or the entire group

When you book the resource group the system automatically makes bookings on each individual resource in the group, therefore the individual resources will not be available for booking.  Vice versa if one of the individual resources is booked the resource group will not be available for booking.  This ensure your system is accurate and will not allow double bookings.

Configure a resource group

Define the individual resources first.  You can create these in different categories, however generally the system works better is they are in the same category with the resource group.

  1. Click on ‘Resources’ in the Configuration menu – this will display a list of resource categories
  2. Click on the category description to view the resources in this category
  3. Click the ‘Add-resource-group’ link at the top right of the screen
  4. Fill in the details for this resource group and click the ‘Save’ button
  5. When the resource is re-displayed there will be a link ‘Attach resource’ – click this link to add resources
  6. Repeat this step 5 to add each resource to this group