RB: Asking additional questions about the booking

Jan 23, 2018

There are times where booking a resource is just the beginning of a process that often involves a number of other details being required.  For example when a staff member books a library space the library will have additional questions about whether a T/L is required or will A/V resources be needed.  How many seats are needed?  Are any other materials going to be required?  If the staff member is booking a lecture theatre will they need an A/V technician to help setup any gear?  If it is a meeting room how many chairs will be required and will their be any catering requirements?  If it is a hall do they need seats, how many, and what formation?

Sobs provides a facility called ‘Booking options’ that allows the resource manager to ask a number of standard questions when a staff member makes a booking for a specific resource.

Configuring your Booking options

  1. Click on ‘Resources’ in the Configuration menu
  2. Click on the category description to locate the resource
  3. Existing ‘Booking options’ are listed below the resource description in a lighter font
  4. Click the ‘Optionals’ link next to the resource (far right)
  5. Click the ‘Add-option’ link to add a Booking option to this resource
  6. In the option field enter the (brief) question you wish to ask the staff member and click ‘Save’

You can add multiple options to each resource.


When the staff member makes the booking for this resource they will be prompted with a second screen that asks these defined questions.  The staff member can choose not to supply any detail, however in general we find they are very happy to complete the information being asked.