RB: Add an additional text field to the booking form

Jan 23, 2018

You may define an additional text field that is displayed on the booking form.

Currently Sobs includes a ‘Reason’ field for staff to record the reason for a booking.  This could be a class, a subject, or both, or something altogether different.  The reason field can also be left blank.  We don’t force the staff member to select a class or subject because often bookings are made that are not specific to a class or subject, for example with co-curricular groups and activities.

You can request additional information on the booking form and you can do this for specific resources by defining ‘Additional booking detail’ on the resource record.

Configure additional booking detail

The additional booking detail is defined per-resource, so we define this in the Resource Management part of the system.

  1. Click ‘Resources’ on the Configuration menu
  2. Click the category description to locate the resource
  3. Click the ‘Edit’ link next to the resource (far right)
  4. Scroll down the form to the ‘Additional booking detail’ field
  5. Enter a field description for this additional detail.  For example if you want the staff member to enter a class number then enter ‘Class’ or ‘Class number’
  6. Click ‘Save’ to save this change

When staff make a booking for this resource they will be prompted with the field description above to enter a value.

The field is optional – staff are not forced to enter a value.

The information is displayed on the pop-up dialogs to other staff.