RB: Having trouble with your report?

Jan 23, 2018

Writing reports is fairly straight forward, however there are times when staff find it difficult and they need some help.  Rather than writing more manuals with long and tedious descriptions it is easier to simply look at the user’s report and work out what they are doing wrong.  To do this we implemented an option to ‘Transfer’ reports between users.

You can ask your staff member to transfer the report to you, or you can transfer it back to the staff member.

Transferring a Report

Click on the ‘My reports’ link to view your current reports.

Select which report you want to transfer to another user and click the ‘Transfer’ link at the right hand end of the line.

  1. Select the staff member to whom you want to transfer this report
  2. Click the ‘Copy’ button to retain a copy of the report and make a copy in the target staff member’s report list
  3. Click the ‘Move’ button to shift this report from your report list to the target staff member’s report list
  4. Clicking the ‘Cancel’ button does not perform any action

Report data

A report that is transferred is not modified in any way – the only details updated are the user that owns the report.  When copying a report between users the report name will be the same before and after the transfer.  This can result in duplicate descriptions for reports, however these descriptions will not cause any problem to the system.

Helping out a staff member

When the staff member calls for help regarding a report you can ask them to ‘Transfer’ the report to you, most likely using the ‘Move’ button so we don’t end up with confusing copies. You can then refresh your list of reports and the transferred report should now appear.

Modify the report as necessary for the staff member.

Now you can transfer (‘Move’) the report back to the user.

Transfer and Scheduled reports

A scheduled report can be transferred, however if it was originally being emailed to the owner of the report, the transferred report is now being emailed to the new owner of the report (rather than the original owner).  If the report was being sent to some other email address then that address is maintained after the report is transferred.