WAZ: Sending out notices during the holidays

Jan 23, 2018

There may be occasions when you want to send out some notices to staff before the next school term starts.  Below we describe how to do this.

How to send out notices during the holidays

  1. Ensure you are logged in as a Sobs administrator
  2. Enter the notice as normal (it will automatically schedule for the first day of school – this is okay for now) – Save this notice
  3. You can send out multiple notices, just enter each one separately
  4. Click the ‘My notices’ link and locate the notice (or notices)
  5. The schedule date on the right will indicate the first day of school, click this date and change it to todays date and save (Note: you can only force notices out if they are scheduled to go on todays date)  Repeat this for each notice you want to send today.
  6. PS Because these notices are not scheduled for school days they still won’t appear on the ‘View notices’ display
  7. Click the ‘Email notices’ link in the main menu and then the ‘Email all notices’ button – the system will respond with a list of messages indicating how many notices have been sent to each email address