PT: LOTE & Translators

Jul 17, 2019

This option is for parents who struggle to communicate using English. The school can configure a list of translators they have available, allowing them to be booked as the parent makes their bookings.

Configure the translation services you have available

Select the “LOTE translators” menu entry. This will display a list of existing languages and translators.

Click on the language button to edit or delete a language. Clicking “Add a language” allows you to add a new language to the available list.

Add and delete people to this list, selecting appropriate languages for each translator. The translators can be existing staff or external people, however they will be added with a staff record for the purpose of a translator.

You can have multiple translators for a particular language, this will enable more parents to access this language. A translator can also be valid for multiple languages.

How do parents select a translator?

When a parent access the booking system they can select an option for a translator.

With this option selected they will be prompted with a list of available languages. (Note, you must select the translators available for the booking round, this list is then the languages spoken by these translators).

The parent can select from the languages available and click “Save”. Their selected language is then displayed on student list page. At this point the parent can ‘Edit’ their details and change or remove the language setting.

When booking an interview for a student the application will automatically show whether a translator is available for a particular time slot.

When the parent selects a time slot we will automatically create a booking with the selected staff member, and a second booking with the translator (assuming they are available for the selected time slot).

When the bookings are saved and the parent is returned to the student list, the booking for the staff member is displayed, followed by “Translator” if a translator booking was successful.

How do staff manage this?

A translator booking is like any other parent booking, so the translator and the staff member can view their bookings online. They will also receive the normal reminder emails.

There are however some differences. When the booked staff member views their bookings they will see the translator’s name listed in the booking entry:

When the translator views their bookings they will see the text “TRANSLATOR”:

Bookings that include a translator can not be moved, yet.

Actions made to these bookings will be audited against the booking with the staff member. The translator booking will not have any audit details.

When deleting the translator booking it will be audited against the booking with the staff member.

When deleting the staff member booking both entries will be audited and deleted.